Abstract submission deadline has expired.

Call for Abstracts is now closed.
The Call for Abstracts is now closed and submissions are currently under review.
Notifications of acceptance will be sent after this process is complete, probably in late August.
We would like to thank all submitters for their contributions.

Audio translation from Greek to English will be available. All sessions will be fully recorded and made available to each presenter, after the end of the Congress. In case you do not give your consent to include your presentation on the session’s recordings, please select the “I do not give my consent” option in the abstract submission form.

Abstract submission is open to all plastic Surgeons, young residents in training of Plastic Surgery and fellow researchers, who are welcome to submit the summary of their work as a “E-poster” in the English language according to the instructions that follow no later than July 10, 2022.

After submission, the Scientific Program Committee will perform an anonymous evaluation and review of the abstracts and these will be grouped based on thematology. Upon acceptance the paper will be presented as a e-posters.

Instructions for Authors

The submission of abstracts is done only electronically, through the online system by clicking here. Abstracts sent by fax or mail will not be accepted for evaluation.

For each paper that will be accepted for presentation, the pre-registration of all authors is mandatory.


The abstract should be typed in a word processor (such as MS Office Word 1997-2021). Font, size, spaces, alignment. Have Arial font, 10 pt, single spacing and single line spacing, zero space before and after paragraph, full alignment.

Spacing and paragraphs

Paragraphs should not be indented. There should be no spaces between the paragraphs: title, authors and institutions / hospitals. There should be only one blank line between institutions / hospitals and the text of the summary.


The title should be in bold capital letters without tones, as short as possible (no more than two lines).


All names (maximum number of authors 6) should be written in the nomenclature with Title Letters, the surname should follow the initial of the first name and at the end the exponent should follow without a space between them. The name of the presenter should be underlined, but the exponent should not be underlined. Names should be separated by a comma. e.g. M. Papadopoulou1, A. Papadopoulos2

Institution address

To be written in Title Letters. The name of the Clinic-Department should precede, followed by the Institution and toponym, if it is not included in the title of the Institution (e.g. Spine and Scoliosis Unit, Attica General Hospital “KAT” or Neurosurgery Clinic, 401 General Military Hospital). When more than one institution is mentioned, the exponent should precede and the correspondence between institution and name should be done with numbers e.g.

Papadopoulou1, A. Papadopoulos2

Spine and Scoliosis Unit, General Hospital of Attica “KAT”

Neurosurgery Clinic, 401 General Military Hospital of Athens.


It is mandatory for the summary to be divided into:



Each section should start with the exact title above (in bold without the tones), followed by a colon and then a description.

Each section should be in a separate paragraph, and there should be no spaces between paragraphs. Abbreviations of terms will be used after their explanation is given in parentheses, immediately after the first time they are used in the text. The text should not exceed 250 words.

Pleas click here to download the template.

Acceptance of work for review

Abstracts will not be accepted for review if the following apply:

The authors exceed six in number

Not all authors have registered and paid their registration fees

The summary was submitted after the deadline for electronic submission (June 30, 2022)

If there is incomplete data (authors, hospital, incorrect summary structure, etc.)

If it exceeds 250 words

The presentation of the approved works in the allocated thematic unit is mandatory.

Publication of accepted works

The summary of all the works that will be presented as free or as poster announcements (e-posters) will be published in the volume of abstracts. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to announce to any interested party which papers were not presented at the conference under the responsibility of their authors.

Extended E-poster instructions